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Boombalee Kidz celebrates Harmony Day every year. This year we wanted to celebrate in a special way that reflected on the theme ‘Belonging’. During 2020 we unfortunately were not able to have families come into the service to visit us due to COVID-19, we therefore decided to host an Art Exhibition inviting all of the families back into the service once again.

We chose a local community-based company called MCCI (multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra) to be the heart of our fundraiser. All money raised would go to their company and help them in all the wonderful things they do for our community. MCCI is a fantastic non-for-profit company who truly reflect on the meaning of ‘belonging’ in our community. By guiding and supporting all people within our community to better themselves, skills and life styles through group experiences such as cooking, building, conversing etc. We highly recommend checking them out!

Our children and educators worked on creating some fabulous art pieces that reflected on the theme, Belonging. We asked the children questions such as “what makes them feel like they belong in their community?”.

We sold the children’s artwork and donated the money raised to MCCI (multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra).

children art

This was also a great way for our families to come together and get to know one another. We encouraged families to bring a traditional dish that reflects on their family’s culture that can be shared with everyone during the exhibition.


We also asked everyone to dress in orange in support of Harmony Day. We had such a  wonderful afternoon at our Harmony Day Art exhibition! We also asked everyone to dress in orange in support of Harmony Day. All children and educators came dressed in their very best orange outfits.


Thank you to all the families for joining us and bringing in some special treats to share with everyone. The children were so proud of their art works and loved showing their families around the exhibitions.

A big thank you to everyone who donated, we raised a huge $150 for the MCCI.

Thank you to our amazing educators who made the extra effort and worked so hard with the children on our special afternoon.

If you would like to know more information on the MCCI you can click here; https://www.mcci.org.au/about-mcci/


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