Developmental Milestones

“Children’s learning is ongoing and each child will progress towards the outcomes in different and equally meaningful ways.”

(Early Years Learning Framework, p.19)

Physical Development


Your child will start to develop hand-eye coordination as they grow their fine and gross motor skills.  From kicking and squirming, to holding objects, crawling and standing to dressing themselves, they learn to control their body movements. Each child will develop physical skills at their own pace and like all areas of development, each individual child will show strengths and abilities in different areas.

Social Development


Your child will start to build the foundation for developing relationships with other people and learn to cope with challenging situations. They will learn to share toys and take turns, follow simple rules, show independence, build friendships and relationships. Healthy social development is extremely important as a child enters big school. Your child will begin to understand who they are, what they are feeling (and why), and what to expect when interacting with others. 

Emotional Development


The early years is the time children start to discover a wide range of emotions within themselves such as joy, sadness, fear and anger. As children’s sense of self develops, they start to understand more complex emotions such as surprise, embarrassment, guilt, empathy. Our educators are trained to help children recognise and understand emotions. Our learning program focuses on teaching children emotional skills through everyday interactions.

Cognitive Development


Your child’s cognitive development involves building problem solving skills and knowledge which help children to think about and understand the world around them. This can include language development, learning about objects and relations between cause and effect. The brain acquires an enormous amount of information in the first year of life even before infants can speak. We provide learning experiences to enhance each child’s cognitive development.

Language Development


The process where children learn to understand and communicate. Language development is important as children start to understand the meaning behind words and how to put words together in a sentence in order to communicate. Your child will learn to understand directions and information given by others and communicate how they feel. Language development supports your child’s ability to express and understand feelings, to think and learn, to solve problems and to develop and maintain relationships.


Our Centres

Surfside Kidz Batemans Bay

  28 The Outlook Rd, Surfside

  (02) 4472 8816

South Nowra Early Learning Centre

 3 Enterprise Ave South Nowra

  (02) 44212978

Pitt St Kindy North Nowra

 8 Pitt St, North Nowra

  (02) 4423 3966

Boombalee Kidz Wollongong

 144 Church St, Wollongong

  (02) 4227 1655

Rainbows Early Learning Centre

 23 Maitland Road, Singleton

  (02) 6571 2225


What our parents are saying…

"Pitt St Kindy, the best preschool for our little one. Staff are caring and engaging with the children. Fees are reasonable and meal times are catered. Parents receive daily newsletters on their child's group via email and daily habits are mentioned on pick up. Security and the safety is also apparent. I couldn't be happier with this centre and have no issue leaving my child in their care"

Sarges' Family

"Boombalee is a family, somewhere your kids feel safe and have fun with educators who care for each child genuinely and individually. So many firsts have been shared at this day care. My kids have all had the same first friend in a facilitator in the early learning room and then watched them come home with things that they have learned not from me but at daycare like colours, letters and numbers. They have been challenged and given independent life long skills as preschoolers and set up for independence through to big school. Our family can’t thank you enough"

Caylioglu Family

About Us

We are a family owned and operated company since 2004 that is dedicated to providing quality child care. We understand that deciding on a centre for your child will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. We know this because we are parents as well and we have had to make the same decision. 

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