Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones

A Guide To Your Child’s Development

Physical Development


Your child will start to develop hand-eye coordination as they grow their fine and gross motor skills.  From kicking and squirming, to holding objects, crawling and standing to dressing themselves, they learn to control their body movements. Each child will develop physical skills at their own pace and like all areas of development, each individual child will show strengths and abilities in different areas.

Physical Development

Social Development

Your child will start to build the foundation for developing relationships with other people and learn to cope with challenging situations. They will learn to share toys and take turns, follow simple rules, show independence, build friendships and relationships. Healthy social development is extremely important as a child enters big school. Your child will begin to understand who they are, what they are feeling (and why), and what to expect when interacting with others. 

Family Week at Boombalee Kidz in Wollongong

Family Week Wednesday the 29th of June 2022Boombalee Kidz in Wollongong celebrated National Family Week. They had one of their very talented parents come in to do a drawing class with the children. They were so lucky to have Abi, who has been a part of the Boombalee...

Crazy Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

Every Year on the 21st March the world celebrates World Down Syndrome Day. South Nowra Early Learning Centre spent all week rocking crazy socks to celebrate, raise awareness and advocate for those living with Down Syndrome. It is a global awareness day which has been...

Aboriginal Culture at Rainbows ELC in Singleton

Each year Rainbows Preschool children go to the Country with Uncle Warren to the Baiame caves. This experience immerses the children in Aboriginal art, connecting with Country and Aboriginal dreamtime stories. Uncle Warren Taggart is a huge supporter of Aboriginal...

Seeds In Space Program at Pitt St Kindy Nowra

Our Centre, Pitt Street Kindy, has been selected to take part in this exciting new experiment. The project is a historic opportunity for young Australian learners, and we are so proud to be a part of it. In collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency...

Harmony Day at Boombalee Kidz Wollongong

Boombalee Kidz celebrates Harmony Day every year. This year we wanted to celebrate in a special way that reflected on the theme ‘Belonging’. During 2020 we unfortunately were not able to have families come into the service to visit us due to COVID-19, we therefore...

Emotional Development

The early years is the time children start to discover a wide range of emotions within themselves such as joy, sadness, fear and anger. As children’s sense of self develops, they start to understand more complex emotions such as surprise, embarrassment, guilt, empathy. Our educators are trained to help children recognise and understand emotions. Our learning program focuses on teaching children emotional skills through everyday interactions.


Cognitive Development

Your child’s cognitive development involves building problem solving skills and knowledge which help children to think about and understand the world around them. This can include language development, learning about objects and relations between cause and effect. The brain acquires an enormous amount of information in the first year of life even before infants can speak. We provide learning experiences to enhance each child’s cognitive development.

Language Development

The process where children learn to understand and communicate. Language development is important as children start to understand the meaning behind words and how to put words together in a sentence in order to communicate. Your child will learn to understand directions and information given by others and communicate how they feel. Language development supports your child’s ability to express and understand feelings, to think and learn, to solve problems and to develop and maintain relationships.


Our Educators Are Here To Support You As Parents And Guide You With Their Expertise In Early Childhood. 


What our parents are saying…

"When I started the search for a child care for my daughter I wanted somewhere friendly and inviting that still educated and nurtured her. From the moment I stepped into South Nowra ELC, Kylie and the whole team put me at ease and it was evident that the children loved the educators and the educators took an amazing hands-on learning approach with different activities everyday. My daughter has now been at the centre for a year and although I knew the centre was going to be great I couldn't have imagined how much she has learnt and enjoyed attending everyday, she loves all her educators and has the confidence to walk herself into class at 18 months old. I feel confident to leave my daughter there while attending work knowing she is well cared for and learning lots.

Thank you all so much!"


“My son attends South Nowra Early Learning Centre 4 days a week, so it is important for me to know that he is in good hands while not in my care.

Since starting at SNELC 12 months ago, my son has developed some beautiful relationships with his educators. I know that I can trust them to not only physically look after him, but to be the emotional support he needs at such a young age.

All the staff are wonderful, but I think Kylie deserves a special mention. The service that she provides to the children and families of SNELC is nothing short of exceptional. For a centre that has over 120 families, she remembers every child’s name and parent’s names too. No matter how busy she is, she always takes the time to listen to and address any issues or concerns that I may have.

When my son first started at SNELC, he found it hard to say goodbye to me at drop off, now he runs in with a big smile on his face and has the most wonderful time while he is there.

South Nowra Early Learning Centre has a great reputation and I can now first hand see why that is. I would highly recommend this centre to any parent looking to enrol their child in an early childhood education centre.”

Lauren Coutts

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We are a family owned and operated company since 2004 that is dedicated to providing quality child care. We understand that deciding on a centre for your child will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. We know this because we are parents as well and we have had to make the same decision. 

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