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Welcoming you into our family…

South Nowra Early Learning Centre works together as a collective group of passionate, professional and dedicated educators to provide a high quality service to help children grow and feel confident for their future education. We believe it is important for children to feel they belong in an environment, where they feel comfortable and proud of being themselves and can achieve their goals to become who they would like to be.

We value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning.

We aim to provide a high quality standard of care and are continually committed to raising our standards and practices in accordance with the Education and Care legislative requirements. This process is an ongoing effort/achievement that will improve our service and bring together the ideas and values of educators, families and children of our service.  

Our educator’s on a daily basis offer our children a place of nurture, warmth and familiarity, respecting and encouraging children to develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming.

We believe a child’s early years determine much of their future development and what happens now lays the foundation for children’s future perspectives childhood only happens once in a lifetime and through daily practices and respectful relationships we strive to allow children to be in a moment significant to them.

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We value each child’s unique individuality and support children’s growth across all developmental domains.

Children are seen as capable, competent and confident beings with the potential and ability to contribute to all decisions that affect them. 

Children bring family and community ways of belonging, being and becoming to their Early childhood settings

Children’s abilities, knowledge, ideas and interests stimulate our curriculum and each are supported and encouraged to embark on their own individual journey. 



We place a strong emphasis on play-based learning by allowing children to extend on their own interests and knowledge.

We recognise that all children learn in a variety of ways and each vary in their abilities and pace of learning. We understand that children mature at different rates and have preferred styles of learning

We believe in the power of children’s ideas, knowledge and perspectives and giving children a voice 

We acknowledge the importance of educators and children co-programming and learning together. 

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We provide warm, trustworthy relationships, predictable and safe environments.

We are responsive to all children’s strengths, interests and abilities and build on this knowledge to ensure motivation and engagement in learning. 

Educators have a commitment to maintain a culture of ongoing improvement, reflection, and self-review.

We attend to children’s wellbeing and provide warm, trustworthy relationships, predictable and safe environments, affirmation and respect for all aspects of their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative and spiritual wellbeing. 


We strive for excellence and are committed to continuous quality improvement.

Educators apply knowledge and experience through teachable moments and planned intentional teaching in ways that empower children, allowing their voices to be heard. We bring our identity and interests to meet and support children as they encounter concepts and learn through play. 

As professionals we believe that continued ongoing learning will ensure that we are moving forward and building on our strengths and knowledge. We strive for excellence, committed to continuous quality improvement and supporting each other’s professionalism and personal development.


Families are children’s first and most influential teachers and primary influence in their child’s life.

We believe families provide invaluable information about their children’s interests, strengths, abilities and share with us their history, culture, language, traditions and child rearing practices.

We view the information that parents can offer about their child as invaluable and can aid in building mutual respect and reciprocating relationships between parents and educators.

We believe educators and families working together in partnership developing positive relationships based on honesty, trust and respect. 

We believe partnerships with families to be based on the foundation of understanding each other’s expectations and attributes and builds on the strength of each other’s knowledge. This will ensure the best possible outcome for each child. 

Our aim is to function as an extended family in order to provide your child with the security, warmth and love which are essential to their development and growth.

Community Engagement is Essential For Children To Develop And Belong.

We know that children’s learning is influenced not only by their past experiences, but also by families, communities and cultures. 

We embrace and advocate for children to be included and accept different cultures. We also value and respect the traditional custodians of the land, including culture and heritage within the local and wider community.

We believe in building strong ties with our service and broader community achieving this by connecting and collaborating with our local area and utilising the resources and services available.


We believe learning environments should be welcoming spaces that reflect and enrich the lives of children.

We believe in providing a warm and nurturing environment in which children can grow confidence, ability, knowledge and trust. An environment that reflects and respects their interest and ideas and provides creative open-ended experiences.

We believe teaching children to appreciate and have respect for our natural environment is an important part of early childhood education. We take pride and responsibility for our environment and strive to enhance learning and understanding in children and families about environmental awareness and sustainability.

We know effective routines and transitions provide children with opportunities to develop social roles and responsibilities, develop and master skills and foster positive self-esteem.  

Educators encourage physical activity, healthy eating and experiences which create and involve group play, social skills and building of trusting relationships.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated company since 2004 that is dedicated to providing high quality childcare. We understand that deciding on a centre for your child will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. We know this because we are parents as well and we have had to make the same decision. 

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